R-C Submarines
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Radio Controlled Submarines!

A great hobby. . .

The top pohoto is the first "sea trial" of my R/C model soviet ALFA submarine. The yellow band is a piece of tape I wrapped around it to make it easier to find if she was lost in the murky water of our local boating pond. Luckily, that wasn't necessary. The shot below is a closeup of the sub and the radio system I use.

If you are interested in getting into R/C model submarine building the best way is to join the SubCommittee, a worldwide organization dedicated to R/C and static submarine modeling. They have a great four times per year 80 page news magazine that has everything a sub "moonie" needs to know to build model submarines. Next - join your local scale electric boat modelers club. Even if they don't have any subs, the probably DO have experts in electronics, motors, soldering, scratch hull building plus a myriad of other skills you'll need for this satisfying hobby.

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